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What We Do


Quality Calcium  Products

Calcium Carbonate is one of the most useful and versatile materials known to man. US Calcium has one of the purest, highest quality limestone operations in the Pacific Northwest.


Diversity & Availability

We produce a wide variety of calcium products that can be used in any situation - including fertilization, supplemental (animal and human), industrial, and production and manufacturing use. 


Customer Demand

US Calcium is an Idaho based company that is committed to providing high quality calcium products and exceeding customer needs. We are also committed to responsibly meeting any demand for high quality calcium. 


About US

US Calcium oversees and operates the extraction and processing of a large, proven supply of limestone located in Custer, County, Idaho. Adjacent to Highway 93 between Arco and Mackay, Idaho, we cover a large amount of acreage that allows us to produce super-high-grade calcium and crushed limestone for customers located in Idaho, or within economic shipping distances of our crushing and milling operations. 


Since the early 1990's, our deposit of limestone (and calcium, the milled version of our product) has been tested by several independent companies and laboratories using various means and methods; all of which indicate a very high quality product. Containing low levels of sodium, arsenic, and other harmful ingredients, our calcium can be used from creating strong metal supplies to strengthening our own bones. It also has low to non-existent levels of mercury, lead, and other heavy metals, all contributing to a scientifically-rated Super High Quality Calcium product. 

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97.5% Calcium Carbonate: SUPER HIGH QUALITY
Heavy Metals: <0.01%*
Mercury (Hg): 0.109 mg/kg*
Lead (Pb): 1.00 mg/kg*

*Suitable for Human/Animal Consumption

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Calcium Specs: