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Soil Liming

Calcium carbonate is a super-food for plant and animal health. The same properties that strengthen the walls of massive buildings fortifies the cell walls of great crops. Soil Liming is the application of calcium-rich limestone (and other materials) to crop soil to improve soil health and boost crop yield. Calcium carbonate has four primary roles in the fortification of plants:


  • Maintain chemical balances and reduce soil salinity

  • Improves water penetration in the plant and soil

  • Neutralizes cell acids

  • Plays a critical role in carbohydrate extraction

Seed Coating

Seed coating is designed to create a more nutrient rich and supportive immediate environment for a seed to grow in. Seeds are coated with different types of materials, but the benefits of coating seed with calcium carbonate is similar to that of liming soil. Balanced soil pH, increased water penetration, and decreased soil salinity are just a few. Other benefits include:

  • Improved cell health and plant strength

  • Protection from stress conditions (i.e over-exposure)

  • Protection from animals, birds, and other fertilizers

  • Increased seed weight and sowing efficiency

Feed Supplement

Much like humans, animals rely on calcium carbonate to strengthen bone growth and enhance development. Feed supplements ensure that your animals are receiving everything they need, especially during critical growth periods.  When looking for feed, you want to include supplements that provide the purest form of calcium carbonate to deliver the best, well-balanced meal. Our calcium carbonate brings the minerals and nutritional supplements that your animal needs. 

More benefits include:

  • Improved bone strength

  • Improved nutrient absorption and healthy digestion

  • Strengthens egg shells from poultry flocks

  • Improved chemical balance and disease prevention

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